Exquisite Manufacturing
Exquisite Manufacturing Factory production

Exquisite manufacturing, first-class production:

Tianyi Electronic Technology has more than 4000 square meters of production workshop and a production team of more than 70 people who are proficient in different production processes. It has automatic production line from raw material to finished product, owning the large laser cutting machine, V type slot machine, CNC lathe, CNC bending, and so on as a set of sophisticated production facilities. The annual production capacity is more than 10000 channels. With the expanding production capacity, by 2015, the annual production capacity will reach 30000 channels.

Production management characters:

Adopt advanced assembled idea, humanized design; strictly implement 6S management measures, improving labor productivity, safety, clean and comfortable manufacturing environment to ensure the safety and smooth of the production. Fully optimize the production order management process and implement the company chain responsibility of providing, production and sales step by step.

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