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R & D Team
R & D Team

Tianyi technical center is a comprehensive research organization which combined many functions such as technology innovation, software and hard ware research and development, trial-manufacture and testing

They have technical department, software department, mechanical design department, electronic design department, and system integration department. Product development and technology update has reached the level of reporting technology R & D center of national standard, and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the national information industry the Seventh Research institute.

The company currently has a scientific research team with more than 60 people, including more than 6 people with master, PhD, senior title, in addition to the regular introduction of national experts in the guidance of the work of the company.

Up to May of 2012, Tianyi Electronic Technology has obtained national patent for more than ten items, and all the technology of mechanism in the products is the company unique property.

To accelerate the pace of personnel training, enhance the competitiveness of the company's core technology fast, Tianyi actively promotes cooperation with many universities and signed strategic cooperation agreement, project cooperation agreement, with Sun Yat-Sen University in August, 2011.

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