Station & Dock electric ticketing system solutions

System summary

This system mainly has the ticket issuing management, ticket checking management, scheduling management, system management, bill management, revenue settlement, comprehensive query, report management, passenger guidance system, vehicle inspection, out of station inspection, luggage management; voice broadcast template, and freely combination function.

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★Ticket issuing management
Function including: front door ticket issue, ticket refund, ticket invalid, ticket alter, bus renting ticket issue, ticket reservation, seat selection, ticket inquiry, ticket statistics, change blank ticket.
★Ticket checking management
Function including: ticket inspection by scanning barcode, ticket inspection by manually input, train ticket inspection, ticket retreat, open statement, set ticket check entrance.
★Scheduling management
Function including: IC card sign up, overtime work, stop classes, start classes, change car, modify, and vehicle on the class, departure time, behind schedule, plan of passenger traffic, vehicle management, fare adjustment, query and statistics
★System management
Function including: User rights management, line setting, site settings, refund parameters, pre-sale tickets parameters, fare ticket set, ticket sample etc.
★Bill management
Function including: Used for all kinds of bills in and out of warehouse, distribution, use, cancellation of a unified tracking management, to effectively master the usage notes.
★Integrated query
Function including: summary line, line, vehicle, shift, drivers, crew and vehicle expenses and any included basic data; statistical operation data, generate daily report, monthly report and any time statement; in the form of chart, show ticket value by contrast, ticket amount, the number of people issuing ticket, the number of people inspecting ticket; inquiries of ticket issuing; inquiries of ticket inspection;
★Revenue settlement
Function including: ticket seller settlement r, passing bill settlement, summary report
★Report management
Provide business, scheduling, ticketing, check-in, revenue, and such statements, statistical analysis of various data, provide supplementary information for management decision. Support hierarchical statistical functions, different roles can only count the jurisdiction station data
★Passenger guidance system
Functions mainly include real-time control the relevant information displayed by electronic display, touch screen and television etc station announcement media
★Vehicle inspection
Set by user (driver's license, operation certificate, driving permits, insurance card, line card, insurance card, two cases of maintenance etc.).Only the cars which pass through security inspection could process to sign for classes and check
★Out of station inspection
When the bus out of station, it should be inspected and registered according to the content of five no station
★Luggage management
Function including: Luggage acceptance, luggage delivery, freight definition, bill management, customer management, business billing, luggage inquiry, business statistics, permission setting, report printing.
★Voice broadcast
1. The art of pronunciation. The first class national broadcaster in the best condition, recorded several times by professional digital recording equipment, selected for editing.
2. No need people on duty. The computer automatically turns on and off, and broadcasts according to the task list automatically.
3. Not easy to broadcast wrongly. Broadcasting task table can be carefully check in advance, upon confirmation, computer start to broadcast according to the task list, absolutely on time, not leakage and fault.
4. Easily modify. Vehicle stop, shift time change and so on, the operator can modify in a few seconds with a computer mouse, then broadcasting system will broadcast according to the modified content. If networking with the ticket issuing computer, it can automatically according to the ticket information broadcast, without prior notice to modify.
5. A variety of language. If necessary, it can be used in both English and Chinese tol broadcast, and it also can join the Minnan dialect and minority language.
6. Rich content. Computer can store dozens of CD contents; each disc can store hundreds of songs or quite content. Civilization regulations, safety regulations, provisions of tourist traffic information, holiday greeting, background music, words of welcome speech, advertisements and so on, all can be saved into computer. When you choose some content into the broadcast task lists if needed, the computer can automatically broadcast, very convenient.

Station & and Dock electric ticketing system solutions
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