Stadium & Theatre ticketing system solutions

System Summary

A large-scale gymnasium, theater and performance venue will accommodate a large number of audience, sportsmen, actors, administrative staff, service stuff; the increasing fake tickets seriously affect the normal ticket market, at the same time, it harms the benefit of both the host party and the audience. Verifying the personnel’s ticket card and certificate validity in time becomes the key facing issue for operation at such sites.
Use electronic fare collection system can completely eliminate fake ticket, providing the support for stadium digital construction and promoting the modern gymnasium image.

System Design Goal

1、Controlling and monitoring entrance.
2、Eliminate fake ticket which bring huge economic losses.
3、To manage ticket, eliminate inner financial loophole and other loophole in management. Reduce the loss.
4、Counting fast and accurately and making real-time inquiry for ticket data; the audience flow situation, predicting various kinds of ticket data.

Stadium & Theatre ticketing system solutions

★For ticketing terminal and system function, system shall realize layout design, parameter settings, making of various audience tickets card.
★Ticketing subsystem, ticketing system achieve on-site ticket booking system, telephone booking, refund, remote ticketing and other functions.
★Ticket checking subsystem, the part is used to verify the legality of the audience tickets, control whether the audience is allowed through, and transmit data with the server. The main hardware: automatic ticket inspection gate machine.
★Mainly for a variety of financial statistics, financial statistics of the ticket booth after the determine of the pre-match ticket scheme.
★Forecast income statistics for the selling ticket before the match.
★According to the statistical results predicting revenue statistical reports and charts.
★The basic functions of management subsystem, management subsystem mainly realizes the data report generation, inquiry, system operation and all kinds of the technical parameters and user permissions settings.Passenger flow form at least includes admission rate of ticket, traffic statistics of the entrance, different time approach flow statistics, and it can generate a straightforward pie chart, bar chart, given the decision basis; it can remotely control the front-end equipment checking system.

Stadium & Theatre ticketing system solutions
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