Intelligent key management system solutions

System Summary

The use of keys requires strict management, but manual labor can't carry out effective management; the record of using keys is made by pen and paper, which is easy to cheat and to obliteration and difficult to preserve and keep record clear. The director can't know location or the usage of keys in real time, and it is easy to result in other security vulnerability by human negligence.

System Design Goal

1、know the flow direction in real time and usage status of keys
2、Easily solve the office key management taken away by administrator and can't open the door when no one in office.

Intelligent key management system solutions

★Product initialization: Put the key locked to the key ring in the key box, electronic lock will lock the key ring, and protected by the electronic cabinet door lock; without a legitimate user login, no one can use the key; Put the key into the special key ring, unless the violent destruction, otherwise no one can replace the key; each key ring can hang a plurality of keys according to need. Key ring can be built inside electronic tags, with the guard office equipment, preventing the key taken out from the control area. Issuing the key right: according to the need, to arrange classification management to the keys, you need a license to use the key to achieve mandatory lock, common keys provide only the function of using the record
★video control: a built-in camera, key can be used with the return, or do other functions the operator head captured and stored locally or uploaded to the system management server, for the necessary verification
★Real time record and query: comprehensively record key user’ identity, borrowed time, overtime information and all events. The use state of key is real time on line for display , through the background management machine, it can be used in real-time to understand all the keys’ using status, including the user, use time, approval and other information. Records stored in the machine or via the Ethernet transmission to the server
★Emergency: The keys could access through violence action in case of emergency in the non high safe places

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