Intelligent logistics cabinet (Post office box) management system solution

System Summary

Intelligent logistics cabinet management system is an effective tool to enhance internal personnel and property management, stopping the external personnel entering; so how to achieve keeping the courier suppliers outside of building, collecting the goods without waiting and without customer’s presence, which is the main goal for this system.

System Design Goal

1、Can offer more convenient and safe express management to the couriers and customers
2、Quick sending and receiving the goods.
3、Keep the customers updated situation about the status of the express on time.

Intelligent logistics cabinet (Post office box) management system solution

1、Membership card: non-contact IC card based on M1.
2、Login mode: card number / registered username + password way to log on to the WEB client data to process information management, recharge, query and other operations.
3、Recharge amount used for the relevant payment in logistics cabinet terminal, the limit value is stored in the back-end server database.
4、To realize non members delivery.
5、Members delivery: membership through the logistics cabinet terminal sent, If the local recipient do not have logistics cabinet, it need to search for updates from the existing system of express company, to check whether the parcel is completed delivery.
6、Member to arrange the express: 1, input in the WED client; 2, input in the logistics cabinet.
7、Pick up the arrived express: whether the recipient is a member or not, text messages with dynamic password will be sent to the customer's mobile phone, the customer can pick up the parcel with the password at the logistics cabinet , the system will inform the sender the receipt after the customers pick up the parcel.
8、When non members receive the parcel and need to pay the courier charge, the system will automatically prompt for artificial delivery.

Intelligent logistics cabinet (Post office box) management system solution
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